“We Talk too much”

Today I got home and turned on the television and saw a special called #GlobalcauseUnite, it was warm and fuzzy with the rich & famous from all industries, World Leaders, uniting for all our current causes such as COVID-19, BLM Movement, inequality etc etc.

It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong it makes you warm and fuzzy inside, its positive, and its been organised by people with influence and the financial and global profiles that could enact change, quickly.

But the title of this blog, says it all, WE TALK TOO MUCH!!! Not just our world leaders, people of influence, but we ALL do. We have been talking about these issues since the 1960’s apart from COVID-19 of course. Racism, inequality of maligned and disenfranchised communities and groups, access to health care, education etc, we have talked about this ad-nauseism. It is time we stopped talking, its 2020, 60 years after these issues were highlighted and we are still talking.

I recently watched an old interview of acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman, a man I have loved watching during his career. He was asked during this interview what needs to be done on the issue of racism towards people of colour. He gave the perfect answer, he said, “Stop Talking About it”. He also went on to say to the interviewer, from now on I am going to call you by your name, and you are going to address me as Morgan Freeman, because that is who I am, I am going to stop calling you White and you are going to stop calling me black”.

What Morgan Freeman said, could not be more true. I am Tim Drobiszewski, thats who I am, Im not addressed as an Australian, with a mix of German, Polish, Irish and Scottish, I am Tim Drobiszewski, and that is all that matters.

We need to stop talking about it, their is a simple fix, equality will occur when we address everyone the same, their name, because that is all that matters.