A Just Cause…… Why every workplace needs one. Why everyone needs one.

What is a Just Cause? Do you have one? How do you define one? What is a Just Cause to you?

You may have heard of Simon Sinek, you may not have. Simon Sinek is an optimist, a man that believes we can do good in the world if we have two things, “A Just Cause” and an “Infinite Mindset”.

I am currently reading his latest book, “The Infinite Game”, it basically, in summary, is about leading a life, whether work, family, friendships etc for an infinite time not just a finite time. Sinek, states two qualities will allow you to play the infinite game in whatever venture that may be, having a “Just Cause” and “Infinite mindset”, quite simply you are in for the long haul.

The book talks a lot about leadership, the difference between a leader and a manager, with the stark difference being that a leader inspires their people to do the job at their best, by one, caring about them genuinely, and two providing the support and inspiration that allows the people under them to follow their lead or example and, most importantly, teach others the same. A legacy if you like.

Ever since I started blogging, I have referenced the importance of the modern workplace allowing us to be ourselves, I have talked about myself personally and generally, how the modern workplace, corporate culture, does not allow this to occur. Sinek states, which I agree with wholeheartedly, that if you have great leadership who look after their people, ones performance, love of the workplace, results, culture, profits etc, will more often than not, follow.

To achieve this it starts with the leadership that encourages an infinite culture. A culture that allows people to be one-self. If you have a workforce, that can be itself, what a wonderful world we can have. In our lifetime, the majority of our time, is at work, so if this is the case why not make it a place that people love to come to work? To me it seems so simple and easy, but we have and continue to make it so hard for ourselves to achieve.

I firmly believe that leadership not only starts from the top down, but also the bottom up. Leadership is about having a “Just Cause” something that you and your colleagues believe in and will not stray from. It’s a core set of values that is above all else. It’s about an infinite mindset, or the long term result making the workplace, not only a place that practice’s it’s “Just Cause” but also one that allows future generations to continue that cause.

What is your Just Cause? What does that mean to you? And how do you apply it within every aspect of your life?