What COVID-19 has taught me

The Journey begins

Well 2020 has been quite the whirlwind hasn’t it? Especially for us Australians!!! We have had bushfires, drought and now COVID-19 which has affected the whole world.

Their has been pro’s and cons through this pandemic, for me their has been some awesome pro’s, life has significantly slowed down, the air seems fresher and skies clearer, then is no sense of time, people aren’t rushed and the importance of communication with friends and family has become a priority again.

COVID, has changed the world, it has sped the muted predictions of what our workplaces will look like after this pandemic and also what economies will look like, but especially how we live our everyday life.

I’m currently on some leave from my workplace, not because I had too, I just wanted too. My travel plans have been extinguished for this year, but what it has done is that I have been able to save again, and start becoming financially better off. And I have used my time to not only relax but expedite some side-hustles which has yielded positive results so far.

How have you all dealt with this pandemic? Is their anything that you have done differently? Anything that you have put off that you have done now? Started some Side-Hustles yourselves?

With change comes opportunity and I think that is evident here. Use your time wisely, explore opportunities and think about your current situation, especially employment. I think you will see big changes within your workplaces, even to the point of where you work and how you work! They are the two key things here. Have you had to work from home? Did you enjoy it? What was productivity like? Are their too many distractions or do you have a home office?

Another opportunity I see is domestic travel within my home country of Australia. The pandemic has made me realise what I have on my doorstep. Im currently on the south coast this week and a simple walk today really bought about how much I love it here. Its so open and free and fresh. So many people on the south coast and all around Australia need us right now to explore our own backyard, because its not bad at all.

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Importance of a Side Hustle….. with a Mentor

“A Winner never quits and a quitter never wins”

I came across side hustles when I started my minimalist journey some 18 months ago, during that time I have tried some unsuccessful ventures but it never stopped or wavered my intention to start a successful side hustle. As the title states it’s my opinion when starting one that you have a mentor beside you, one that has been there and done that and most importantly successful at it.

The ones I have started weren’t successful because I didn’t have someone beside me committed in full or not there to guide me when mistakes were made, the positive though was that I somewhat self-learnt those mistakes in a way. Just over two months ago I went back to the gym, my intention was to get my “summer body” but I can’t explain how I have gained not only the benefits of the gym, but a whole lot more than I could imagine.

My personal trainer, also, is a successful business man and side hustler with a great online business of which I wanted to be my hustle as well. The problem is just starting. That’s the hardest part. Not to embarrass this person, but they have never waivered in offering their time and expertise for free whenever I have needed their advice. I can’t thank this person enough, this person is also a lot younger than me, but what sets them apart is their drive and passion for what they are doing, and best of all willingness to share their expertise.

Ive been mentored every step of the way, invited into their inner sanctum of knowledge and it’s just been wonderful, best of all it’s started really well which just breeds and builds confidence. We chat regulary out of our PT sessions which has been great, and made a really good friend out of it too. What has been important is that i’m set small goals each week to achieve, taught more resilience, which is most important and the encouragement to keep going cause it’s very easy to give up, or go “this is too hard” or well I’ve done it now.Things like that.

What a side hustle with a mentor also does is that it opens up new ideas as your confidence grows, you begin to excel, and start enjoying some success and naturally want to do more or grow your current venture. It’s important that you use your mentor to bounce ideas off, ask questions as all this helps you grow. I hope this is the little bit of motivation someone needs reading this that has always wanted to start a side hustle. But have a mentor first.

I’m finally back…… Sorry for the wait but lots to tell

Its been a challenging year especially ending my minimalism journey and also how my financial struggles made me depressed and increased my anxiety

Im Glad I attempted minimalism…….But I got bored

My minimalism journey is over!! Has been for a few months as the heading says I got bored in the end but I am really glad I did it was an experience of which as I have found along the way many people whilst interested, not keen of doing what I did.

But it came with it’s drawbacks, the biggest thing I got rid of was my car right at the beginning of the journey, whilst I am still very happy to not have the vehicle where I live or driving to and from work or in Sydney in general one of the great advantages of a car is when you simply want to hop into it and go exploring or your own mini road trip especially on my frequent travels to the South Coast. As I write today, it would of been a perfect day to go and explore the many parts of the South Coast of NSW I haven’t been to yet.

In over 15 months of my minimalism journey I read over 40 books on my kindle or a hard copy and I will say I much more aligned to the world outside than I was before gaining new perspectives, inspiration and different thought processes and I really do believe I am smarter for it.

But at the end of the day I ran out of idea’s and proved that it is overall good to have those creature comforts considering I am home a lot more these days.

So What else has been going on?…

It’s been a challenging year so far, especially financially. I found out about myself that I can a bit depressed and very anxious when I’m not doing well financially. An investment that I made two years ago was costing me a significant amount of money each month. I put it up for sale as I thought that was my only option. I was also having trouble with the managing agent. But it was amazing how a month ago, through a conversation with a good friend of mine changed my situation. Her ideas really sprung me into action and by taking her advice I am so better off and I took the investment off the market. I was able to catch up on outstanding bills and of which I have been able to slowly start saving again and have altered my investment strategy whilst being responsible at the same time.

I mentioned earlier in this post that I am home a bit more, not sitting on the couch home but not going out as much. During this challenging period I was making myself feel better by going out all the time spending ridiculous amounts on socialising and drinking. Whilst you have a great time, at the time, the next ensuring days are a struggle, motivation is not existent and got very lethargic and procrastination set in a big way.

Six weeks ago, something I thought I wouldn’t want to do was go back to the gym and also enlist the services of a personal trainer (PT). So far on average I go two-three times a week. I feel much better and the benefits in a holistic way have been amazing. I have also started another side hustle through EBAY and the results of that has been promising as well. This inspiration has come from my PT who has a very successful EBAY business on the side and has been very generous with his time in helping me also.

So things are on the up……

I just need to keep going, fitness whilst physically beneficial also is mentally amazing. I have become more fresh, energetic and motivated. I am also writing this new blog post on a new laptop as well. It was one of the reasons their has been such a large break as the previous one didn’t survive it’s hard drive replacement, also because my financial situation at the time I couldn’t afford my anti-virus software renewal as well as other things. Its been tough but as in life you do always come out the other side.

The Year that has been

To achieve what I have achieved this year and set out to do has been a ride that I would go on again and again…..


My apologies for this long hiatus!!! Have I stories to tell and it all revolved around breaking my phone in September this year. It was supposed to be my next blog, I had taken all these beautiful photos on my phone when tragedy struck. I fell of a tour boat into the water stone cold sober as a judge!!!! APPLE I PHONE 6s GONNNNEEEEEE!!!!!

What a debacle it has been, I know utilise the Apple I phone 4 kindly given to me by my sister, but really its about as useful as a Nokia now.

But there is a silver lining to this, guess what I survived without my usual apps that I had and my constant links to Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. And you know what its great because now guess what???? People have to call me and text me and I have to do the same and quite frankly I think that’s great. I feel like I have reconnected instead of being disconnected. Long story short I survived and you can too.

Which got me thinking…….

What a year and journey its been so far. Who would have thought just in myself that I would have survived without a TV, a Car, my PlayStation etc. Its been a wonderful journey, I’m now up to my 35th Book, my dream board taps me on the shoulder each day to remind me what’s great about having not just one dream, but a 100 of them, I’ve travelled, and I feel like my greatest achievement this year is the personal growth and reconnection to the world around me.

This blog has been wonderful, it has allowed me to do many things, become much more open and honest about my feelings, I’ve inspired a couple of people to also make changes and create dream boards and also the gift of writing and publishing and sharing that with an audience.

It has also allowed me to connect with other bloggers with a much bigger audience than me who actually follow me also, it’s an amazing feeling. I said to a friend today that I feel this year has set me up to just explode next year with a new-found impetus. It has helped me to develop the confidence to challenge the status quo and give others that confidence also.

And lastly on reflection it has made me more positive over the course of time. I have had some dark periods which were reflected in some of my blogs but from those dark times I feel I grew exponentially on a personal and professional level. I have also through this journey discovered other passions. For example bushwalking. What an awesome hobby its been, and I would encourage my followers and friends/family to join me. It’s so wonderful walking and observing the nature and splendour that is around us. And guess what??? ITS BLOODY FREE!.

It has allowed me to plan something that I have never done on my travels before. An organised walking tour of the Dolomites Mountain Region that runs through Italy and surrounding countries. I cant wait to achieve it, it’s a moderate 8 day walk and it’s just going to be spectacular.

Lastly its good to be back, I hope you have enjoyed my story so far because I have enjoyed sharing it. Its been a year of growth, but if you thought this year was good, next year will blow your mind.

Love You All

Tim x

The Feeling you get when you book you’re next trip

I wanted to write this short blog tonight of the feeling I get, and (hopefully you as well) when you book that next trip.

The immediate emotion is that you have now something to work towards and look forward too especially those Monday mornings when the weekend has finished and its back to the office.

Just last week I paid a deposit for an 8 night stay in a beautiful Tuscan Villa, in Lucca Tuscany, Italy for next July. I plan this to be the beginning of a substantial overseas trip next year and I cannot wait for this to occur. As well of the feeling of elation and happiness of having the trip locked in, It has also allowed me to set some financial goals of which I will have nearly a year to achieve it.

There is nothing like the feeling of booking you’re next trip, it’s so exciting and exhilarating. It’s now something to dream about, plan, and work towards knowing that  the best trip of a lifetime is coming up, some sacrifices need to be made along the way.

So for the best part of a year I will be working towards having the next life changing experience, with a few small taster’s along the way (short trips).

Now that I have booked mine, how about you book yours!!!! The joys of travel await you.

Why do we do the things we don’t want? But don’t do the things we want to?

“We only get one go at this”

This weeks blog is deeply personal, I am going to pour all my feelings out here. I am going through a difficult time at present. It’s a time of reassessment, validation, and contemplation. You see I am very different, and whilst everyone is different, I am even more.

I don’t conform, I question, I question a lot of things, not to be difficult, but its because I want to know the “WHY” in what we do. Whether this is work, relationships, life in general, family, etc. etc.

My Dream

See this is my dream, my dream ultimately, being 34 years of age, is to just sell up all that I own and travel, travel for as long as I can. Why? Because it is the only time I feel I can be truly me. But like most of us and my parents and their parents before us is that society does not permit this type of thinking. Because for me I don’t suit the traditional workplace, bound by an office chair, reporting to superiors, doing what they say without question.

I look outside each day and wonder why am I not out there but in here? What is my obligation? Why cant I be me? Why do I have to be someone else five days a week?

I have a mortgage, I have investment’s, and I’ve worked hard for those  and at 34 so far I have had a fantastic life. I have travelled to far away places, I have great friends an unbelievable family, so what is my issue?

My issue, is I can’t be me everyday. For five days out of seven, I have to be someone else, like the rest of us to survive I conform. So after all that I ask you these questions! Are you doing what you want to do? If not, why not? Why do you do what you don’t want to do? What’s the reason for that? Is it family, morals, upbringing, beliefs, fear, self-confidence? I know a few of them are my reasons.

I’ve struggled for sometime in seeking validation for my decisions. It’s no ones fault in particular, but I want to stop this habit. I can’t describe the feeling only that its like a “ball and chain”. I can move but not freely. So much resistance. I feel now is the time to break free from the “shackles”, live how I want to live, not conform, know that I don’t have too. Knowing there is a place in the world for everyone and that it doesn’t have to be where I am now.

So I’m a Minimilist……. What do I do NOW

So the initial shock has passed as you come home and the items that once consumed you are now gone…… NOW WHAT

That first week………

Or should I say day after i disposed of the TV and play station I must admit I said to myself WHAT NOW!!!!!

I remember lying on the couch for about 30 minutes just browsing on my phone. BUt thankfully it didnt take long to “SNAP” out of it and say to myself THIS IS NOT THE REASON I DID THIS!!!

I immediately got changed and went for an hour walk. I cleared my head and thought of ideas. Ideas of what I was going to replace my time with? Soon enough, I started to create a routine.

My Routine…. And it could be yours too

This is my routine in a round about way –

  • I get up at 5am, get changed and go for a walk in the morning. It immediately relaxes me and gets the brain going straight away. You wake up pretty quickly also as the body is moving.
  • I cook – not the quick 15 minute meals but I love dedicating the time to preparing really good food. For e.g I cooked a two kilo pork, roasted sweet potato, ‘Julien carrots, Asparagus marinated in olive oil and herbs (HUNGRY NOW?)
  • Whilst Ironing (which I unashamedly love doing LOL) I tune into my Tim Ferris podcasts at the same time.
  • Projects – Im currently finishing my ‘100 Dreams’ dream board which will fill the space where my TV was
  • THIS Blog instead of Netflix.

I think you get my point right now. I created time, time for the things I love doing (however boring to some people that may be), to be more productive with that time, and going to bed knowing that I have achieved some daily goals of mine.

It is not EASY…….

Now It may sound like I make this look easy…. ITS NOT. My biggest challenge is procrastination. I am a terrible procrastinator!!!!! But I continue to work on this over the last six months. The key has been a daily goals list, and also replacing my downtime with reading on my kindle and incorporating an activity whilst listening to a blog that I need to get done.

But my biggest achievement so far….

Is MINDSET!!!! Changing the way I think, always telling myself what I can get out of today? (Six months ago I probably would not have booked a spontaneous trip to Cairns for a weekend)

Lastly, If your’e thinking about making change, have a plan, and have a goal/s. It really is the key to your next journey. And last of all BE PATIENT, BE RESILIENT, AND STICK TO IT!!!!

Because the results are AMAZING.

My path to minimalism

Welcome to my first ever blog… One of my goals this year was to have my very own blog and here it is and I’m so excited by it. Please follow my Journey throughout and I hope you get some tips from me along the way as well as the honour on blogging my own way to the World.

How it all started –

My path to sorting out the “meat from the chaff” was with the unlikeliest of people! My financial advisor.

You see I came to him for budgeting advice, by the end of it I was on a path that I hope I never go back from. He told me a story of how he and his wife gave up TV and the internet for twelve months.

In the age of Netflix, Reality TV, Foxtel, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram I thought it was a brave move. But it got me thinking as behind it had a deeper meaning. This guy and his wife had a goal, they didn’t conform to the rest of society and were hell-bent on achieving that goal without these distractions.

It worked…… He and his wife achieved the goal they had set out to achieve twelve months prior through self education via blogs, reading books and attending every relevant seminar aligned to his goal at any given moment.

Then we went to my goals……

I had to change, I had goals that I wanted to achieve but I had to ask myself… What was I prepared to do to achieve them?

I could come home after work, lay on the couch, watch Netflix or play the PlayStation, eat some dinner, iron my shirt for the next day, go to bed and repeat.

But what was I achieving??

Nothing really, only Groundhog Day 2!!! You see this conversation propelled me to make some massive changes, to go against the grain, be non-conformist and that excited me!!

That day on a Saturday afternoon in December 2017 I put my TV on facebook marketplace. Within an hour it was gone…. (Too cheaply it turned out). Secondly I grabbed the play station, the games and the controllers put it in my bag and walked down to the local cash converters. SOLD

But the big ticket item was putting my car up for sale. I hated driving, it stressed me no end (Sorry Sydney!!) I thought if I really need one, I could hire a car (as the cost savings of no insurance, petrol servicing etc alone) would justify it.

But so far the freedom of walking, use of public transport, seeing the world with my own eyes instead of behind a steering wheel has been exhilarating. I have not had my car since January 2018.

I’m not a minimalist yet, its a gradual journey, I am a work in progress. But to come home now without the distractions bought me back my creative mind. Instead of Netflix, I have read 13 books so far (I previously would not read one a year), inspired by multiple bloggers each night, more productive and has allowed me to gradually change my mindset.

What it has ultimately done is to give me this give. My first blog on my own site illblogmyownway.com. I now cook for the love of it, I have just completed an eight week beginners French language course. I have created time. Time to do the things I love. Because the gift of the path to minimalism, is the gift of time to do the things you love.

Thanking you for reading this blog. I plan to write many more, combining my love of travel , food & wine, my journey and my views on topics of interest.

All the best


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton