I’m finally back…… Sorry for the wait but lots to tell

Its been a challenging year especially ending my minimalism journey and also how my financial struggles made me depressed and increased my anxiety

Im Glad I attempted minimalism…….But I got bored

My minimalism journey is over!! Has been for a few months as the heading says I got bored in the end but I am really glad I did it was an experience of which as I have found along the way many people whilst interested, not keen of doing what I did.

But it came with it’s drawbacks, the biggest thing I got rid of was my car right at the beginning of the journey, whilst I am still very happy to not have the vehicle where I live or driving to and from work or in Sydney in general one of the great advantages of a car is when you simply want to hop into it and go exploring or your own mini road trip especially on my frequent travels to the South Coast. As I write today, it would of been a perfect day to go and explore the many parts of the South Coast of NSW I haven’t been to yet.

In over 15 months of my minimalism journey I read over 40 books on my kindle or a hard copy and I will say I much more aligned to the world outside than I was before gaining new perspectives, inspiration and different thought processes and I really do believe I am smarter for it.

But at the end of the day I ran out of idea’s and proved that it is overall good to have those creature comforts considering I am home a lot more these days.

So What else has been going on?…

It’s been a challenging year so far, especially financially. I found out about myself that I can a bit depressed and very anxious when I’m not doing well financially. An investment that I made two years ago was costing me a significant amount of money each month. I put it up for sale as I thought that was my only option. I was also having trouble with the managing agent. But it was amazing how a month ago, through a conversation with a good friend of mine changed my situation. Her ideas really sprung me into action and by taking her advice I am so better off and I took the investment off the market. I was able to catch up on outstanding bills and of which I have been able to slowly start saving again and have altered my investment strategy whilst being responsible at the same time.

I mentioned earlier in this post that I am home a bit more, not sitting on the couch home but not going out as much. During this challenging period I was making myself feel better by going out all the time spending ridiculous amounts on socialising and drinking. Whilst you have a great time, at the time, the next ensuring days are a struggle, motivation is not existent and got very lethargic and procrastination set in a big way.

Six weeks ago, something I thought I wouldn’t want to do was go back to the gym and also enlist the services of a personal trainer (PT). So far on average I go two-three times a week. I feel much better and the benefits in a holistic way have been amazing. I have also started another side hustle through EBAY and the results of that has been promising as well. This inspiration has come from my PT who has a very successful EBAY business on the side and has been very generous with his time in helping me also.

So things are on the up……

I just need to keep going, fitness whilst physically beneficial also is mentally amazing. I have become more fresh, energetic and motivated. I am also writing this new blog post on a new laptop as well. It was one of the reasons their has been such a large break as the previous one didn’t survive it’s hard drive replacement, also because my financial situation at the time I couldn’t afford my anti-virus software renewal as well as other things. Its been tough but as in life you do always come out the other side.

Author: illblogmyownway

I'm a 37yo male that lives life to the last. In the past six months I have made positive changes that has had such a profound effect on me I want to share it with the world. Please follow my continuous journey as I aim to help others achieve their purpose in life.

9 thoughts on “I’m finally back…… Sorry for the wait but lots to tell”

  1. Great to hear your blog again Timmy and I can really relate to finding new things/experiences or returning to known things but with a different perspective. Exercise is always good for mental health and wellbeing, so glad you have returned to the gym and seeing the benefits. I think experiences and change in life whether forever or temporary are the way to live life – we only get one shot at it.

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