Why 2019 is my year…. And yours too

Why 2019 is my year and your’s too

What will I write first in 2019? I have seriously been “wracking” my brain this month on what would be my first blog in the new year. Then in the last 30 minutes whilst washing the dishes it hit me!!!!!

My first blog for this year is inspired by some close friends of mine. I cannot tell you the amount of times, seven days into the new year how many of my close friends have dedicated this year to make so many changes, and all for the better of course.

Now I know its common in the beginning of a new year where we all have that “GUNNA” attitude”. But already a few of my friends have turned that “GUNNA” into action and its inspired me for this year and obviously tonight’s blog. Whether its job change, lifestyle change, new ventures, hobbies, blogs etc the amount achieved already from close friends of mine is phenomenal.

A friend just said to me, and I will use her quote “Our life sometimes changes in the blink of an eye when we don’t have a choice so the times we do have choices should be made while we are present (Mel C 2019).

I have included this in here, because it really struck me and I thought how awesome is this statement?? Please read what she has said because I think it will inspire all of us  to make change whilst in the present moment.

And that’s why this is going to be the year I build on the changes made in 2018.  I now have the foundations to make  change and take action. One of the biggest things for me is to change my living environment. It is well-known my affinity and love for the South Coast in NSW, but just before Christmas this year I visited Western NSW, specifically the town of Orange. Orange is considered a food bowl, where its climate allows a range of produce, agricultural and wine industries to thrive. The drive up with friends was like a picture postcard of luscious green that put an immediate smile on my face. I met so many people from the big cities that had made the change and created a wonderful life for themselves and family. I’m still yet to decide my next move but I think I have picked two areas where both options would be a great choice.

Secondly, financially, I want to build on from last year. I didn’t achieve all of my goals financially last year. I want that feeling at the end of the year that “I’m in Front”. I want a nest egg that will give me choices and options for the next year which will be 2020. Even in today’s environment I still believe that if you make some changes/sacrifices, whatever you’re situation that the same can be achieved. Financial stress is so common these days so the better you can get yourself “In Front” the better you will feel about achieving that goal, plus the options it forwards you.

And saving the best till last is my travel plans, and no it doesn’t involve France. For the past three months I have been reading a wonderful series of books by the author Frances Mayes whose first book “Under the Tuscan Sun” was made into a movie. It’s a wonderful account how this woman 25 years ago after a relationship breakdown went to Tuscany, Italy and bought an old Tuscan villa named “Bramasole”. Now Frances Mayes had travelled to Italy before as well as other parts of Europe, but it was one particular trip where on an impulse she drove up the driveway with the Italian real estate agent, made an offer and the rest is history.

She has written three books about the trials and tribulations where for the past 25 years she has spent every summer in her villa  at Cortona, Italy which has inspired my next trip.

Firstly, I will join an eight-day walking tour of the Dolomite Mountain region in Northern Italy bordering the Austrian Border, I will then, (as previously mentioned in another blog) spend a week in Lucca Tuscany with some wonderful friends in a Villa. We are then doing a road trip into Northern Italy and Switzerland then returning to Milan where I will head home on August 5th. The part I’m most looking forward to is the walking tour, I have never in all my travels done something like this. I can’t wait to take the breathtaking sights on camera and post them on here, but most importantly I will be taking them in with my own eyes.

Next month I’m off to Bali for the first time for a week. I have never been their and to be honest I never had a previous interest, partly due to the amount of Aussies that go their every year to drink the place dry. But the people I am meeting their and have been friends for many years tell me how wonderful it is. Also my parents have been their twice and loved it also. I will report back in February and share my opinion of the place.

Have a great 2019, dream big and achieve because we can do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: illblogmyownway

I'm a 37yo male that lives life to the last. In the past six months I have made positive changes that has had such a profound effect on me I want to share it with the world. Please follow my continuous journey as I aim to help others achieve their purpose in life.

3 thoughts on “Why 2019 is my year…. And yours too”

  1. I’m the same when thinking about going to Bali, it sure isn’t on the top of my bucket list. But l am looking forward to hearing what you think when you have been.


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