What are you 100 dreams? Well here is mine!!!

What are you 100 Dreams? Do you have any? What do you aspire to? This is about the importance of dreams and goals!!! But more importantly something to look forward to and to work towards

Do You have dreams?

It was only at the beginning of my minimalism journey that I realised the importance of dreams and goal setting. You see, for me having something written down keeps me accountable. And you know what it can keep you accountable too. In past years I always knew in my head what my goals for the year was and it usually revolved around travel, which place was I going to set foot onto next? And whilst that is fine, I learned that later having this written down made my trips so much more enjoyable because whilst I always had the place to go to, what to see I didn’t have written down. And what every traveller can attest to is that you might not ever get to that place again.

So as you can see below, is a picture of my 100 dreams that I wrote in February of this year. I met a very successful man who at the beginning of his journey and path to financial freedom wrote down his 100 dreams. You see, for any plan of action, goal or dream that you have, writing it down and making it visible, the importance of this cannot be quantified. This piece of paper, in the next couple of weeks will be converted into a ”dream board”. This dream board, which I mentioned in my very first blog, will be placed where my TV used to be. It will be in a place that when I get up each morning, will be the first thing I see. Each day I will stare at this board and memorize my dreams!!! By doing this each day will make me accountable and most importantly remind me why I have written down these dreams.

What my dreams are to yours, doesn’t matter, but I can’t stress enough the importance of writing them down. I’m a visual person, but it doesn’t matter what type of person you are, having something written down in front of you, reminds you, of why you do what you do!!! Now a lot of my dreams are places I want to go, for me travel is what makes me tick, but there are other things like – becoming financially free, learn french (fluently), help my parents retire in two years, motivational speaking, riding a bike with my dad. So as you can see it can be anything.


So what are your dreams? Write them down!!! Share them with the people closest. Ask your friends and family what are their dreams? If they don’t have any or haven’t thought about them, talk to them about it. As I tell people all the time you only get one shot at this thing called “life”. So map it out and start doing.

Author: illblogmyownway

I'm a 37yo male that lives life to the last. In the past six months I have made positive changes that has had such a profound effect on me I want to share it with the world. Please follow my continuous journey as I aim to help others achieve their purpose in life.

4 thoughts on “What are you 100 dreams? Well here is mine!!!”

  1. Another motivating read Tim. I am curious though about how you are going to help me and your dad retire in 2 years. I’m looking forward to hearing your plan. Love mum

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