Cairns I love you….. why am i going back to reality

Cairns I love you…… I dont want to leave because going back to reality sucks….. from the esplanade, the backpacker vibe, bars restaurants and the relaxed vibe this place is a winner for me

From the moment I arrived….

When I stepped foot onto the tarmac at 7.30pm Friday night I knew I was in for a great weekend. I’m sitting here at Cairns Domestic Airport pondering the thought I could easily stay here. The weather was a balmy 25 degrees with the coral sea ocean breeze immediately making a beeline towards me.

The airport and the main strip of cairns are blissfully close, only a five minute drive to the esplanade, now that’s town planning.

I checked in to my accommodation, got changed and caught the hotel courtesy bus into town. I first got the ‘bug’ to check out Cairns years ago after reading an article about the world famous “Woolshed” hotel. The backpackers are what make this place and it was the first pub I hit upon arrival for a nice “coldie” taking in the Friday vibes.

I finished my beer and headed upstairs greeted by loads of backpackers having a great time (the dance floor was packed at 9.30pm). Immediately struck up conversation with the staff who were from around the globe (USA, Spain, Canada, France, Japan, China…. the place was just a world map of fun.

I then checked out other bars such as the courtyard, PJ O’Brien’s but had a relatively early night by my standards tucked in at 11.30pm.

The Morning After….

So its Saturday and today is a day of action. The morning was spent walking the esplanade, the Pier, Shields Street etc. The Esplanade is world class, plenty to do if you bring the family with, the pools, playground and cafe next door to it. The pathway is wide and easily caters for both walkers (like me) and the bike riders. The weather was immaculate 25 degrees with a lovely sea breeze of the coral sea blowing into your face on the many park benches that are their to take the view at leisure.

The highlight for me though was the half day rain forest and waterfall tour. Went to Barron Falls, Duey National Park, Clohesy Fig Trees, Termite mounds, Surprise Falls, the list goes on. It was awesome to see the beauty on Cairns doorstep, because I realistically needed a few extra days their. There is that much to see.


Its the vibe……

Lastly for me it was the people that made Cairns!!! Wasn’t just the locals but a lot can be said for a place that embraces everybody, and Cairns does that. Its the backpacker mecca of Australia for me. From Asia, Europe, US, South America, Africa,  New Zealand the list was endless of the different cultures and people that I met in basically two days. The atmosphere of the place was people embracing life for what it truly is.

And tha’ts why I will go back a second time. Who knows how long I will stay!!!!!


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