My path to minimalism

Welcome to my first ever blog… One of my goals this year was to have my very own blog and here it is and I’m so excited by it. Please follow my Journey throughout and I hope you get some tips from me along the way as well as the honour on blogging my own way to the World.

How it all started –

My path to sorting out the “meat from the chaff” was with the unlikeliest of people! My financial advisor.

You see I came to him for budgeting advice, by the end of it I was on a path that I hope I never go back from. He told me a story of how he and his wife gave up TV and the internet for twelve months.

In the age of Netflix, Reality TV, Foxtel, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram I thought it was a brave move. But it got me thinking as behind it had a deeper meaning. This guy and his wife had a goal, they didn’t conform to the rest of society and were hell-bent on achieving that goal without these distractions.

It worked…… He and his wife achieved the goal they had set out to achieve twelve months prior through self education via blogs, reading books and attending every relevant seminar aligned to his goal at any given moment.

Then we went to my goals……

I had to change, I had goals that I wanted to achieve but I had to ask myself… What was I prepared to do to achieve them?

I could come home after work, lay on the couch, watch Netflix or play the PlayStation, eat some dinner, iron my shirt for the next day, go to bed and repeat.

But what was I achieving??

Nothing really, only Groundhog Day 2!!! You see this conversation propelled me to make some massive changes, to go against the grain, be non-conformist and that excited me!!

That day on a Saturday afternoon in December 2017 I put my TV on facebook marketplace. Within an hour it was gone…. (Too cheaply it turned out). Secondly I grabbed the play station, the games and the controllers put it in my bag and walked down to the local cash converters. SOLD

But the big ticket item was putting my car up for sale. I hated driving, it stressed me no end (Sorry Sydney!!) I thought if I really need one, I could hire a car (as the cost savings of no insurance, petrol servicing etc alone) would justify it.

But so far the freedom of walking, use of public transport, seeing the world with my own eyes instead of behind a steering wheel has been exhilarating. I have not had my car since January 2018.

I’m not a minimalist yet, its a gradual journey, I am a work in progress. But to come home now without the distractions bought me back my creative mind. Instead of Netflix, I have read 13 books so far (I previously would not read one a year), inspired by multiple bloggers each night, more productive and has allowed me to gradually change my mindset.

What it has ultimately done is to give me this give. My first blog on my own site I now cook for the love of it, I have just completed an eight week beginners French language course. I have created time. Time to do the things I love. Because the gift of the path to minimalism, is the gift of time to do the things you love.

Thanking you for reading this blog. I plan to write many more, combining my love of travel , food & wine, my journey and my views on topics of interest.

All the best


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Author: illblogmyownway

I'm a 37yo male that lives life to the last. In the past six months I have made positive changes that has had such a profound effect on me I want to share it with the world. Please follow my continuous journey as I aim to help others achieve their purpose in life.

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